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Спільний висновок щодо законопроекту "Про вибори народних депутатів України" від Венеціанської комісії та ОБСЄ/БДІПЛ / Joint Opinion on the Draft Law on Election of People’s Deputies of Ukraine - Venice Commission and OSCE/ODIHR (англ.)

Переглянути:  Спільний висновк щодо законопроекту "Про вибори народних депутатів України" від Венеціанської комісії та ОБСЄ/БДІПЛ / Joint opinion on the draft law on election of people’s deputies of Ukraine - Venice commission and OSCE/ODIHR  (англ.).



: Венеціанська комісія


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anatgeo2011-10-31 18:31:24 EUROPEN COMMISSION FOR DEMOCRECY THROUGH LAW (VENICE COMMISSION) AND ORGANIZATION FOR SECURITY AND ANATOLII SYNYTSYN CO-OPERATION IN EUROPE / Post 80 OFFICE FOR DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS Kyiv AND HUMAR RIGHTS (OSCE / ODIHR) Ukraine 03142 OPEN A LETTER E-mail: anatdelgeo@gmail.com SYNYTSYN AMENDMENT І. INTRODUCTION 1. Collaboration between the European Union and Ukraine, which entered into more active phase due to initiatives of President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, has good prospects for Europe in whole. 2. Searches of the optimal political system of government are urgent not only for Ukraine, but also for some economically unstable European countries, in which people are suffer over lack of professionalism of leaders, which they themselves have chosen. Economic growth is impossible without a competition race of administrative decisions. An important element of this election as a choice of people of that way, which is actively supported, but not ruined strike or radical actions. 3. SYNYTSYN AMENDMENT effectively protects the voice (thought) of every voter by equipment, which does not interfere in usual of electoral procedures of any state. The only prohibition – do not pour the contents of the ballot box "on the table, which placed members of the election commission" (point 4, article 89 of the revised draft Law of Ukraine "On Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine" from 27.05.2011), but to take out the voting-papers "one by one without interfusion them " (point 5, article 89 of the same Law). 4. This amendment is offered for being accepted in laws on elections of all countries, which follow democratic principles in their development. ІІ. SYNYTSYN AMENDMENT Example. Put the claim of point 4 and 5 of article 89 of the revised draft Law of Ukraine "On Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine" dated 27.05.2011 was as follows: 4. Voting-papers are taken out from an electoral box one by one without interfusion them. Every voting-paper is situated on a table in sight of at least one Web-camera with your computer and a monitor, the screen which in sight of members of the election committee and observers. Every member of the election committee has a right in case of doubt to check up the accordance of voting-paper with its his image on the monitor. At the same time the presence in the electoral box control sheet and its validity (in a portable electoral box – control sheets) are checked. 5. On the monitor screen, together with the image of the voting-paper, highlights information about the party or candidate according to the mark on this voting-paper, the current time in hours, minutes and seconds. After review of the current or fifth voting-paper, information about the results of voting with ten leaders according to collected voices and current time is illuminated on the monitor screen. ІІІ. NOTE: POINTS FROM ACTING OF THE REVISED DRAFT OF THE SAME LAW „4. When a free of damage electoral box is opened, its content is poured out on the table, which placed members of the election commission. At the same time the presence in the electoral box control sheet (in a portable electoral box – control sheets) are checked. 5. Voting-papers from the damaged electoral small box are taken out on one by one without their interfusion. A district election committee counts up the amount of voting-papers, which are in this electoral box separately for each naional or single-seat district. At the same time the presence of the electoral box control sheet, which is to be taken last of all, is checked up.” ІV. DISCUSSION OF SYNYTSYN AMENDMENT 1. Technical obstacles to the implementation of the amendment, which is offered, do not exist. The electronic voices count can be used as a reliable guide, while final results are done in usual method, which will face an insignificant amendment later. 2. It is hoped that the representatives of operating deputy corps, which are supporters of the old electoral systems, taking into account their own positive experience of being elected, will realize that today it is their country requires consolidated efforts of its citizens for the removing crisis phenomena. SYNYTSYN AMENDMENT is a little, but an important step to establishing greater trust between electors and the elected government. 3. Pre-election programmes and the agitation will be more oriented on the interests of electors and competition for a representative seat in election committee offices and pressure on them will become considerably weaker. Electronics has no signs of party and it will prevent the possible rough rewriting of protocols after the early statements of leaving observers about absence of serious violations – public order, which provides police and so. V. SUGGESTIONS FOR COLLABORATION 1. The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences has broad experience in the development of progressive electoral technologies, which are protected by patents on the invention and are awarded about ten first diplomas at international exhibitions on innovations and inventions. They are extremely effective, but need more significant changes in legislation comparing to SYNYTSYN AMENDMENT. 2. I ask interested organization to consider possibility of choising Ukraine for testing improved electoral technologies and concluding corresponding agreements. 2.1. Mini variant. On the terms of grant or a direct order the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences can develop and manufacture the pre-production model of technical equipment, draft of electoral law, methods for holding referendums, questioning or corporate voting. 2.2. Maxi variant. Part of financial support to Ukraine for democratic reforms that is provided by the leading countries may have a special purpose of implementing SYNYTSYN AMENDMENT. Funds are necessary for purchasing equipment and software development. This report that I do not intention to produce limitation rights to its use. Elections take place approximately with the periodicity of generations of computer technology, so it is best to use new equipment, which then be solemnly presented to children for educational necessities. In worse case, it can be leased. 2.3. Mega variant. The Venice Сommission or other authoritative organization initiates unification of electoral legislation, finding sources of funding and declares a corresponding competition for these jobs. The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences will take part in this competition. Head of the Intellectual Property Department of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, inventor Anatolii Synytsyn

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